Rsouthern-oregon-log-truck-driving-history. B. Browns Trucking Inc has been in business since 1951 in the Northwest region of the USA. In our years of operation we have offered a wide range of services with different types of trucks & trailer combinations. We presently operate about seventy-five trucks in our fleet.

About fifty of these are to service our customers in the Los Angeles to Seattle corridor. The remainder operate in thirty-nine states. This fleet is a mix of flatbeds and curtain vans. Most of this equipment is Air-Ride equipped and is capable of net payload weights of 48,000 to 50,000 pounds.


Raymond B. Browns, Founder

Our years of experience have shaped who we are today. We are a small but growing company that has the resource and experience to offer a very high level of service with loyalty. We are known for both the appearance of equipment and the high level of service to our customers.

We hope to have the opportunity to serve you, and if we do, we will maintain our present high standard of service to you, allowing you to present the highest level of service to your customers. We will be looking forward to your response with the hope that we may begin to build a business relationship.